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Welcome to Pierre Caruel's photo album. All of the photos are compressed in DjVu format. This saves space and allows access of full-resolution images to dialup users.

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Most of these images are from a Canon PowerShot A40 digital camera

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Gliding photos

These photos of the French Alpes have been taken in May/June 2003-2004, from an ASW-20F glider, departing from the Seyne-les-Alpes (Alpes de Haute Provence), gliding club.

Ubaye : Around Barcelonette and the Ubaye valley (729 kB)

Izoard : Around the Izoard pass (250 kB)

Ecrins : Above the Ecrins range at 4000m high – 12,000 ft (788 kB)

Bleone : Around Digne and the Bleone valley (8 kB)

Seyne : some photos of Seyne-les-Alpes and the airfield (603 kB)

Photos around Le Havre

Etretat : Etretat and the famous cliffs (13 kB)

Mont-Saint-Michel : Flight from Yvetot to the Mont Saint-Michel, in a DR-400 light aircraft (740 kB)

Various photos

Reims area, fall 2003 : photos taken in fall 2003 around Reims (5.1 MB)

Windmills at Kinderdijk : some windmills around Kinderdijk, near Rotterdam, Netherlands, in March 2004 (774 kB)

Modane and Bonneval sur Arc : around Modane and Bonneval-sur-Arc in Savoie, February 2003 (840 kB)

More to come...

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